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The Cost of Indecision: A Plan for Music & Life” deals with the state of the modern day Levitical Priesthood, specifically the music ministry and aligning entities, from a biblical foundation with practical examples that are easy for anyone to grasp regardless of their understanding of the bible or experience in the Levitical Priesthood. Many in the church have been given positions and have not been trained for their assignment; while many are not even aware of what their assignment is therefore causing our local ministries to become out of Order. Pastors/Priests, Administrations, Musicians, Singers, Dancers, Intercessors and Trustees have all fallen prey to this.  There is a biblical template for success in the Levitical Priesthood and this book attempts to uncover it with many of the applications pertinent to every day Life whether involved in the Levitical Priesthood or not. This book can be used as part of an academic curriculum, group/ministry training or for personal enhancement.

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